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    Keratin Smoothing Treatment
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    Sexy Hair Concepts
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Ombre Hair Color is a trend rapidly gaining in popularity. Fresh and casual, ombre hair color is a flattering and low maintenance technique. Ombre is a French word that literally means shaded; think gradient color, like you'd see on a swatch of fabric or skein of yarn. The technique, Ombre, is a hot trend in hair color—and with good reason! *Ombre is a low maintenance hair color when you go as close to your natural color at the roots. *Ombre is an anti aging hair color trick. Remember as a child your hair lightened up in the summer and by mid winter you had darker roots. *Ombre is an easy way to grow out your roots, it makes it look like you are doing the look on purpose. *Ombre is fun and on trend

   Ombre hair colorOmbre hair colorOmbre hair color
     Before Ombre
Hair Ornaments  


Feather Extensions

Real feathers for your hair. Available in an array of colors that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair to add subtle or dramatic highlights without changing or altering color.

Hair Bling

The hottest and latest look in hair accessories. Unlike ordinary tinsel, it's thin and incredibly strong, withstanding combing, blow-drying, flat-iron, colors, highlights and perms. Tie it onto 1-2 strands of hair and watch it stay in for 2 to 6 weeks!


Introducing fashion jewelry. The ultimate hair accessory for that special occasion. Rhinestones in a variety of colors placed in your hair, individually or a strand. Perfect for that special occasion or wedding. Also available to purchase and do yourself. The alternative hair accessory that ensures your hair looks in great shape effortlessly - all day.